The tourist guide to Vancouver

Vancouver is Canada’s largest city and capital of the province of Ontario. The city’s unique location drags relatively mild weather to the rest of Canada: the average summer temperature is around 27 degrees, and winter temperatures can drop well below zero. Fall in Vancouver is characterized by shades of throwing goats: gold, orange, red, and green season of the year is the summer season due to rains enumerators at times this season.

Vancouver is characterized not only natural landscapes wealth among them is located, but also the richness and cultural diversity characterize it: Chinese, Greeks, Jews, Italians, Indians and Portuguese and other small communities bedeviled Vancouver and supply it offers its visitors.

Transport and Useful Information

There is no need in terms of acquiring a visa to visit Canada. However, if the flight in which you are flying conducts a stopover in the US, and Visa Bring appropriate. You can purchase airline tickets to Canada one regular direct flights and to companies operating them on Air Canada. Vancouver outgoing flights every day from Ben Gurion airport and land at Canada’s largest airport – Pearson International Airport outside Vancouver. This airport from outgoing domestic flights more regions in Canada, the United States and international flights. You can save up to about $ 1000 in purchasing tickets to Vancouver when purchasing airline tickets that include a stopover. Flights with a stopover in Europe may land at the airports of Vancouver or Montreal. The flight to Vancouver direct flight is approximately 12 hours, flights with a stopover run for approximately 3-4 hours more.

Other ways to reduce flight tickets for Vancouver include booking tickets in advance, during times that are very desirable: the beginning of July, when most children are still in camps, after the children’s summer holidays, or during the Christmas period where the chances of finding an empty return flight is long. Another way ticket at the last minute on a space available basis.

You can get from the airport to the city itself in several ways: Taxi (fixed rate), airport shuttle comes selected hotels downtown or the TTC’s bus.

Two more ways to get around within Vancouver itself is via taxi (that come in many colors) or on bicycle lanes designated unique scattered throughout the city.

Canadian currency is the Canadian dollar. You can get tax refunds of tax refunds in the city center or at the airport. Time difference between Canada and Israel are 7 hours, when Israel prior to Canada.

Accommodation in Vancouver

Vancouver You can find all types of hosting, apartments and cheap motels to luxury accommodation in luxury hotels. You should choose a place to stay in the downtown area to be close to most attractions in the city.

Vancouver attractions for fans of architecture

Vancouver architecture varied and spans many different periods. Tower The CN towering 553 meters and represents the construction of contemporary, Sky Dome offers its visitors apart from Arena huge sports events, concerts and conferences also guided tours to Casa Loma – imposing castle in Vancouver with decorated rooms, hallways hidden, long tunnel, towers and landscaped gardens.

Parliament House is another architectural landmark worth visiting, as well as University of Vancouver radiates an old European flavor. Near the CN Tower can be found in the historic Fort York and perhaps the best example of integrating the old with the new is the Church of St Andrew. The church is located in downtown Vancouver building incorporates parts of the nineteenth century and the twentieth century, integrating and creating a perfect harmony between them.

Vancouver, Music and Nightlife

There are two streets in Vancouver where you can find a variety of dance clubs, bars, and nightlife especially St. Richmond Street and Queen. St. Richmond is located in Vancouver’s entertainment with some great clubs and various musical styles: live performances by international DJs, Latin music, British pop or alternative rock.

Apart from the clubs, especially on King Street West, you will find the cultural area of Vancouver. Scattered in the theaters and concert halls in many major ones are taxes Hall – the oldest concert hall in the city, and Li’s Palace – where alternative rock concerts in the city.

Nature and Hiking

Vancouver is characterized by stunning landscapes and breathtaking hiking trails. Vancouver Islands ferries can reach them you will find a variety of bike trails and lush vegetation, the zoo is one of the largest and most impressive and can easily fill a fascinating family day trip to the African savannah, with the reptiles from America or a polar bear. Promenade and gardens Hmozikaliim can enjoy a variety of vegetation, accompanied by a live free in the summer months. Allan Gardens also offer experience nature and rich vegetation is divided into five climate zones.

Museums in the city

Vancouver boasts several museums are very different. Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) offers a rich cultural experience shows around the ancient civilizations, fauna and dinosaurs, and more. The Art Gallery of Vancouver (AGO) is the eighth largest in North America and includes among others the world’s largest collection of British sculptor Henry Moore. The gallery building was designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry.

Outside Vancouver

Vancouver is a convenient place for trips out to the soon-Niagara impressive and famous on the planet. The most impressive waterfalls are just a short drive from the city. The falls are located on the border of Canada- US and Canadian sideways considered particularly impressive. The most famous attraction is the falls in the Maid of the Mist – a ship sailing between two sides of the border and expose the visitors to noise and spray the falls when they are wrapped in yellow raincoats.