Mapping International Research

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Asia Pacific Hall
06:30 PM

Title: Mapping International Research: Big Data, Big Ethics?
Speakers: Bartha Maria Knoppers, Professor, Canada Research Chair in Law and Medicine, Director, Centre of Genomics and Policy, McGill University
Abstract: As we enter the “Brain Age”, it is perhaps time to reflect on the lessons learned over
the last 25 years by the international, genomic research community.
More importantly, where is such international research heading? Using different
examples of the challenges facing research consortia (e.g. International Cancer
Genome Consortium) and the nascent Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, we
will trace the trajectory of their respective missions and growth. Against this
background, the recent intitiative of industry (Pharma) to provide access to the
results of clinical trials (published or not; successful or not) will then be scrutinized.
The last part will introduce a new concept, that of building an international “safe
harbor” for ethics equivalency. Such a model could facilitate the harmonization of
ethics reviews of data-­‐driven international projects while respecting research ethics
norms and principles. In a world of Big Research and Big Data, are Big Ethics

This session is organized with the support of Genome British Columbia and Genome Canada.
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